Ski and Snowboard Rental

We work on a first come first served basis. We do not take reservations. You can come in the night before (after 5pm) to rent for the next day.  Rentals are due back on the day you ski them.  After that you will be required to pay a full day rental.

Ski/Snowboard Rental Package $29
Sport Package $39
Demo Ski Package $49
Skis or Boots only $22


Childrens Rentals

Package (age 6-12) $19
Package (age 5 and under) $12


Add Ons

 Helmet $7
Insurance $3


Season Ski and Snowboard Rentals (sold out for the 2021/2022 season)

Children (8 and under)  $108
Youth (9 to 18) $138
Adult $158
Adult Sport $258


 Tuning, Waxing, and Repairs

Buff Wax $5
Giga Glide Wax - Apply a hydrophobic solution to your skis $15
Hand Hot Wax - Wax is applied, heated into the base and buffed $15
Full Tune Plus- Bases ground, hand filed edges and hot waxed
Full Tune Plus- Bases ground, Ptex base, hand filed edges and hot waxed $50
Premium Tune - Full tune plus a stone grind plus ski strap $65
Core Shot Repair - (per shot up to 1 inch, more for larger shots)  $10
Phantom Wax - Permanent wax solution (includes premium tune) $150



Alpine $45
Alpine Remount $55
Touring $55
Touring Remount $65
Binding Test $20