Ski Gear Tips from Saami Ski Shop

Is ski racing expensive?  The short answer is yes; the long answer is it's doable with a little planning. Here is a list of the fees and equipment you can expect to need as your athlete advances through racing.
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Learn more about how ski leagues and youth ski races are structured.
Should you rent or buy?  There are three things to consider as you decide: how fast kids grow, getting the most for your money, and how you want your skis to perform.  Whether you rent or buy remember, it's possible to get you and your family outside!  Many of us got ourselves into skiing on rented and used gear, and traded up as we fell in love with getting above the inversion and spending more time in nature.  

For each donation you make to our Winter Warm Up clothing drive, we will offer a free binding test.  We love our customers, and we love our community.  We want to help keep you all safe and warm this winter!

Our 5 step checklist to get you ready for the ski season: right size, safe gear, waterproof wear, fast skis, and cheap passes!
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