Ski Gear Tips from Saami Ski Shop

A Guide to Youth Ski Racing Part 2 | What Does it Cost?

Is ski racing expensive?  The short answer is yes; the long answer is it's doable with a little planning. Here is a list of the fees and equipment you can expect to need as your athlete advances through racing.

A Guide to Youth Ski Racing Part 1 | Leagues and Races

Learn more about how ski leagues and youth ski races are structured.

Welcome to Saami Ski Shop, Changes for 2021/2022 Season

The Nyman family have been serving the skiing needs of families in Utah for decades in a variety of ways from coaching and instruction all the way down to fitting boots on kids for the first time. We all wish that could continue for ever, but Scott has other things to accomplish and goals to meet.  As such, ownership has passed to the Butterworth family (Andrew, Samantha and their children Hana, Lane and Will).  You may have met Andrew at the store in recent years.  He is easily identifiable by his Australian accent (albeit fading). Andrew came to skiing rather...

Know It All: Rent versus Buy

Should you rent or buy?  There are three things to consider as you decide: how fast kids grow, getting the most for your money, and how you want your skis to perform.  Whether you rent or buy remember, it's possible to get you and your family outside!  Many of us got ourselves into skiing on rented and used gear, and traded up as we fell in love with getting above the inversion and spending more time in nature.  

Nyman's Winter Warm Up

For each donation you make to our Winter Warm Up clothing drive, we will offer a free binding test.  We love our customers, and we love our community.  We want to help keep you all safe and warm this winter!

Your Pre-season Skiing Checklist

Our 5 step checklist to get you ready for the ski season: right size, safe gear, waterproof wear, fast skis, and cheap passes!

The Most Important Piece of Ski Gear

We all like to shop for skis, at least I do, even if it is often just window shopping.  It's fun, plain and simple. Skis, however, should be an after thought. Boots with a custom or semi custom footbed is where you should invest your time and money. I just finished 3 days learning the nuances of ski boots and how to fit them properly.  While I knew many of the key principles there is always more to learn. The foundation of skiing from an anatomical perspective are your feet. This is true on several levels. First is comfort. A ski boot that...

New Season, New Look

Welcome back for another great season of skiing and snowboarding. When you come into the shop you will quickly notice that we have expanded.  Rental is in a whole new wing of the shop.  We took the opportunity to remodel a few items as well. The decor has been updated and will continue to be enhanced.  If there is part of the decor that you like, the chances are you can buy it.  We have partnered with one of Utah County's premiere antique pickers to change up the shop. We hope the second thing you notice is the expanded inventory....

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