The Nyman family have been serving the skiing needs of families in Utah for decades in a variety of ways from coaching and instruction all the way down to fitting boots on kids for the first time. We all wish that could continue for ever, but Scott has other things to accomplish and goals to meet.  As such, ownership has passed to the Butterworth family (Andrew, Samantha and their children Hana, Lane and Will). 

You may have met Andrew at the store in recent years.  He is easily identifiable by his Australian accent (albeit fading). Andrew came to skiing rather late but has a passion for getting families on the hill.

Why are you changing the name?

As part of the sale Scott requested a name change so that he could relax a little and not have his name attached the store and the stress associated with it. 

What is the name?

Saami Sports is the official name of the company but we be operating as Saami Ski Shop.

We expect you to have to same great experience we have strived for since Nymans began and hope to even take that to another level.

What other changes are you making for the 2021/2022 season?

We are bringing in a a complete backcountry line up.  We will have multiple bindings, skis, boots and safety equipment specific to backcountry. We will have an airbag refill station.  We will likely have a beacon field where you can come and practice your search techniques. 

New brands for next year include:

  • Tecnica
  • Blizzard
  • G3
  • Helly Hansen
  • Mammut
  • Arva
  • Ortovox (safety equipment)
  • Black Crows (clothing, we already have the skis)
  • Tyrolia

There are many more brands I would like to carry but we can't bring them all in...yet.

Andrew, Scott and their families do appreciate the trust you put in us. We know that the money you spend here represents hard work and sacrifice on your end and hope we always prove worthy of your business.

Andrew and the team.

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  • Cathy On

    Thank you, Nyman family, for the many years of love, kindness, and service! We love you! We’re so grateful to the Butterworth family and their desire to carry on the vision of families skiing together. You guys are awesome!

  • Ben Kamalu On

    Congratulations to the team! @Andrew, Millie is still waiting to see you on the slopes as promised ; ).

  • Kipper Cluff On

    Long time friend of the Nymans and love them dearly! Andrew has become a great ski friend, always friendly and knowledgeable and will be great taking over the shop! I trust both Scott with my equipment and now Andrew with no problem!! Thanks to both families for giving us such a great local shop that is much needed in this community! See you next fall and then on the snow you guys!!

  • Jake On

    I rented from you for the first time this season. Always believing that it would be more convenient to just rent at the resort, I was pleasantly mistaken by the friendly, fast, professional and courteousness of your staff. Not to mention that incredible view of Timp (is was a sunny day). Upon my return, I was met in the parking lot by a young man ready to help us take the rentals back inside. Despite the dry season and other obligations inhibiting me from going back to the slopes, I already planned on making my next rentals from you guys. What ever your name will be. See you in December (err November????).

  • Oscar W. Mink On

    Thank you to all for the great work you have done for me and my family!!!

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